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One of the World's Premier Trout Fishing Lakes

  • Lake Taneycomo was created in 1913 as a warm water lake and in 1958 became a cold water lake when the Table Rock Dam was completed. The clear cold waters from the deep Tailwaters of Table Rock Lake pour out of the dam into Lake Taneycomo. These cold waters of Lake Taneycomo provide for some of the finest trout fishing anywhere in the world. All methods of trout fishing; fly fishing, artificial bait, and live bait fishing may be used year-round to pursue the elusive Trout that inhabit the waters of Lake Taneycomo.

  • Lake Taneycomo originated when the White River was confined by the completion of the "Power Site" Dam, near Forsyth, Missouri. The Power Site Dam is privately owned by Empire Electric Company. From 1913 until 1958 it was a warm water lake. The completion of Table Rock Dam in 1958 changed the source of water to Taneycomo from that of the White River's flowing waters to the bottom tailwater of Table Rock Lake from the dam spillway. This created a cold water fishery. To take advantage of this change the Missouri Department of Conservation constructed the "Shepherd of the Hills Trout Hatchery". Today Lake Taneycomo has some of the best trout fishing in the nation.

  • Lake Taneycomo has the characteristics of both a river and a lake for anglers to enjoy. The shallow colder water, located near the Table Rock Dam, averages 48 degrees F, resembles a river and permits wading and bank fishing for trout. The average temperature of the water gets warmer and the depth of the Lake deepens to depths in excess of 50 feet near Lake Taneycomo and the Power Site Dam in Forsyth. When Table Rock Dam is generating power its current is very strong throughout its whole length, its water temperature drops, and for all practical purposes it becomes a very deep, cold, fast running river. Exactly how deep, cold, and fast depends on how many generators are being used to generate electricity at Table Rock Dam.

  • Lake Taneycomo offers a variety of recreational activities including hiking, sightseeing, hunting, fishing, swimming, boating, water skiing etc. People accessing Lake Taneycomo will be able to enjoy other area restaurants, accommodations, shopping and shows that are available within the Branson area.

  • Lake Access

    Boat Launching- Convenient access to Lake Taneycomo is provided at the North End of the Branson City Campgrounds near downtown Branson, at the public park close to Forsyth and the power site dam, and near Table Rock Dam through the Shepherd of the Hills Trout Hatchery park.

    Pedestrian Access- The banks south of the Shepherd of the Hills Trout Hatchery include a Nature Trail and provide excellent access to the Lake for hiking, strolling, or fishing. - Easy access to the Lake is provided along the Lake front in Down Town Branson. The City of Branson has provided fishing docks where one can sit and fish. Branson Trout Dock, located near the Boat launching Ramp also has cold drinks, other refreshments, and Lake information. The City Park provides an excellent place to sit down and fish.

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    Lake Activities

    Nature Walk- 417-334-4865
    Sammy Lane Pirate Cruise- 417-334-3015
    Shepherd of the Hills Trout Hatchery- 417-334-4865
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    Branson Trout Dock 417-334-3703
    Main Street Marina- 417-334-2263
    Scotty's Trout Dock- 417-334-334-4288
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    Branson City Campgrounds- 417-334-2915 or 334-8857

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    Lake Taneycomo's cold waters provide excellent fishing for Trout. Although the fishing conditions change almost hourly because of the water flow changes. The Taneycomo water flow changes drastically in short periods of time due to generation of power from both Table Rock Dam and the Power Site Dam restricting and releasing water. Excellent fishing is available throughout the lake providing the angler is willing to adjust their method of fishing to accommodate the changing Lake conditions. When power is being generated the most common method of fishing is to use a standard drift rig or drift using artificial baits such as worms, salmon eggs, flat fish and others. When there is no running water excellent wading and fly rod fishing is available in the headwaters, near Table Rock Dam.

    Warning: On Lake Taneycomo near the headwaters a horn sounds loudly when water is going to be released from the dam. It is dangerous to be in potions of the lake at that time. Please check with local authorities if you fish near the headwaters.

    Sources of Fishing Services and Information on Lake Taneycomo:

    Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery-417-334-4865
    Fish Camp Marina -  417-561-4213
    Rockaway Beach, MO 65740

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